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    It's our mission to provide an important bridge between Japan and overseas.


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  • Our policy

    Business should be based on 
    a  human  to  human  relationship.

  • Our Promises

    We will provide you

    1. heartfelt services by human to human communications.
    2. reasonable and competitive fees by capable attorney's work efficiency.
    3. your clients' satisfaction through giving speedy and correct works.

  • Our 3 Strengths

    These 3 points are our firm's strength, and our brand's core elements.

    Specialized in Trademark
    Specialized in Trademark and Branding and have worked for excellent Japanese companies and various companies all over the world
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    high-quality work and heartfelt communication at reasonable fees. We offer variety of discounts for our loyal customers.

    International Firm



    A member of INTA and Trade Facilitation Committee, and has rich network with Japanese international companies

  • Specialized in Trademark and Branding

    We are one of the very few specialized trademark firms in Japan

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    We can handle almost all services concerning trademark, such as Application, Renewal, Assignment, License, Agreement, Cancellation, Negotiation, etc.


    As a result of our high quality work and heartfelt communication, we have built a rich network with many of Japanese international companies.

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    We think trademark is only a way of branding. We can provide you a lot of branding advices in view of regional characteristics of Japan.


    Our TM attorney, Shinya, have written essay concerning Branding and Trademark in business paper "Frozen Food Times"(frozen foods industry) and "The Syukan Syogyo"(cosmetics and toiletries industries) etc.

  • International Services

    We can file trademark application to all over the world, and
    can receive order from all over the world.

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    Providing best services for excellent Japanese companies and filing application to all over the world! 
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    We welcome any offers from all over the world!  We promise to give information concerning Japanese Trademark in a polite way.
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    Of course we can handle madrid protocol application and file a response to provisional refusal of protection from JPO.

  • Reasonable Fees

    We will provide high-quality work and heartfelt communication at reasonable fees.


    Please feel free to contact us to request our estimates :)

    Free Brief Trademark Search*


    * If you file an application through our firm, our fees for Trademark Search are FREE!

    (Please note if you do not file an application through our firm and/or need detailed report, we will charge you our fees.)

    Various discounts

    We will make a positive commitment t0 build a long-term relationship with our clients.

  • Our members

    He is a trademark attorney who loves business!

    Information about other members are coming soon.

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    Shinya Takahashi



    Trademark Attorney




    Business should be based on a human to human relationship.



    International exchanges, travel, Formula One, Sumo, Japanese culture, Horse racing, etc.



    Japan Patent Attorney Association (JPAA)

    (A member of Trade Facilitation Committee)

    International Trademark Association (INTA)

    Japan Trademark Association (JTA)

    Registered Specialist in Saitama, Chiba, etc.




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    Shinya was born in Saitama, Japan in 1983.


    He majored in Economics at Waseda University and after graduation, he had started his own businesses and developed business acumen.


    He then joined International Trademark firm in Tokyo in 2012 and had gained practical experiences concerning international trademark practice.


    He thereafter found his own trademark firm, Full Bloom Trademark Attorneys, in 2014 and give his highly professional services to various clients, including many listed companies.

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    Practice Areas:

    Trademark Prosecution (search, application and registration), opposition, Invalidation, Cancellation, Providing Opinions, Branding Consultation, Negotiation, Drafting Agreements, License, Import suspension.



    Bachelor of Economics, Waseda University, 2006



    Branding essay for "Frozen Food Times"

    Basic of International Trademark Strategy for "Sogyo Techo"



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    【Main Office】


    2F, Nishiguchi Takayasu Building,

    1-24-15 Toro-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 331-0804 Japan

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    【Tokyo Office】
    301, Kawashima Building,
    2-3-6 Kandata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0046 Japan
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